Taking the headache out of getting your website sorted

One of the hardest thing about getting started as a therapist in private practice is the headache of getting your website sorted. All you want to do is share your gift and make a living doing something you love and really believe in. But to get your message out there you have to somehow get your head around all this stuff about hosting and domains, search engine optimisation, branding, marketing, copywriting and blah blah blah. It can be a minefield. This kind of stuff comes naturally to some people but for others it can feel overwhelming and so often gets postponed or rushed and not done properly.

This is a story I hear all the time, but with so much competition and so many different therapies and therapists for customers to choose from, it’s really important to have an online space that people can visit in order to get a sense of who you are and what you offer. That’s where I come in. I can help you to create this space, guiding you step by step through what can be a pretty complicated process, taking out much of the angst and replacing it with free flowing creativity, fun and enjoyment too!

Your website is a reflection of who you are as a therapist and as a person – creating it should be an enjoyable process!

Who I am and what I offer »

A techie who talks the language of therapists

I’m a web designer with 20 years experience working in a variety of settings – design agencies, corporations, NGOs, charities and (for the last 10 years) as a freelancer. I know all about the challenges of working for yourself. Five years ago I trained as a counsellor and now I do my best to balance my new career with my old one, understanding that variety is important to me, and I can be just as useful continuing to help people build their websites as I can counselling them through the most difficult chapters of their lives.

For some people, building their own website is one of the most difficult chapters of their life! I aim to take the pain out of the process so it doesn’t end up this way! I do this in a few different ways.

  • I’m an excellent communicator – a techie who also talks the language of therapists.
  • I understand that this stuff doesn’t come as naturally to lots of people as it does to me, and I’m very patient with my clients as a result.
  • I only build websites using WordPress  – the most popular and powerful free, open source web platform in the world.
  • I have a tried and tested project management process, honed over years of working with small clients, which helps keep things clear and simple.
  • I provide web hosting, design, development and copywriting/editing services. I can even register your domain name for you if you like!
  • I provide training and ongoing support.
  • I have a clear pricing model so there’s no confusion about what you’re getting for your money.

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Good copy is pure gold

Good copy is pure gold. You may be gifted with your hands or with your way of being with your clients, but how do you get that across in your website and marketing material? Not everyone is a wordsmith. You have passion and you have a sense of what you want to say. You may write beautiful prose but how do you transform that into good, solid, readable, engaging, search engine-friendly website copy? I can work with you to channel your creative writing skills so you end up with great copy which also speaks to your readers in your own unique voice and gives them a sense of who you are. This last bit is important. Generic, unrefined copy will of course not differentiate you from everyone else out there.

My ability to massage and smooth the rough edges out of other people’s writing is a skill I’ve developed over years of helping countless website clients hone their copy as well as a lifetime of writing stories, blogs and articles. Here’s a small selection of my original writing to give you a sense of my unique voice and who I am as a writer, therapist and person.

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Every customer and every project is unique – I don’t do packages

A lot of web design services offer their customers a range of price-specific packages, but I don’t want to sell anyone a pre-packaged website. In my experience every customer and every project is unique and I think it adds value to the process for it to be as flexible as possible while still being clear what you will get for your money. Therefore I will provide you with a quote based on a telephone conversation about your requirements. This no obligation consultation is free of charge and will last about half an hour. Contact me to arrange one now!

I charge £25 per hour. This means that if you’re organised with your content and only require minor design amends to your chosen WordPress theme, it’s possible to get your website up and running for as little as £200. However, more typically a low budget WordPress website costs around £300. This cost includes:

  • 4 hours of project management and customer liaison
  • 4 hours of design and theme customisation
  • 4 hours of copy editing and content creation
  • A customisable contact form
  • Integration of custom fonts from fontsquirrel.com
  • Your choice of free images from unsplash.com
  • Search engine registration, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools set up

In additional the following free and premium services are available…


All customers receive a WordPress user manual containing instructions and links to online resources. Many customers also request a personalised Skype training session (usually lasting about 2 hours) to help get them started.

Domain registation

I will register your domain free of charge. I will invoice you for the agent (123-reg) registration fee which costs approximately £10-20 per year depending on the name you choose (e.g. .com, .co.uk, .net etc.)

Website and email hosting

I can host your website for you on my hosting account with 1&1. This service is FREE for the first six months and then £30 per year thereafter.

Almost convinced? Read some of the lovely things my customers have to say about me »


Oliver is a deep listening, careful answering, insightful person who brings his personal inspiration of inner work and therapy to his profession as a web designer. The thing I loved most about working with Ollie is the good questions he asked me which enabled me to really look into and sense what it was I really wanted to say, express and tell the world about my work. I can’t recommend him enough.

Rebecca, Nature Wisdom

Working with Ollie has been clear, straightforward and focused. He interpreted our ideas, working to a very tight budget. In creating our website, Ollie combined his skills and experience in programming with his natural sensitivity and perceptiveness as a person to deliver a highly functional site with some great features, drawing on his web ‘toolkit’, to suit our needs, and gave us some ideas and resources that have been of great value to our project. Ollie isn’t just a pleasure to work with, he also really knows his stuff, and is able to de-mystify and deliver a product with care and integrity.

Lily, Co-Director, wetheuncivilised

Easy to do badly but frustratingly difficult to do well, getting a reliable and safe on-line presence requires skills that are a job in themselves to acquire. Ollie brings his broad and extensive experience to bear on what can be a time-hungry process and by having a deep understanding of both client and therapist needs, the creative and technical aspects are met with an insight and professionalism that I cannot recommend highly enough.

Andrew, DIALOG Consulting